Friday, February 28, 2014

One Direction

Originally I named my blog "Come unto Christ" only to realize that I wasn't really going that direction with any of my posts. I wanted to avoid going in every direction, so I narrowed down the topic a little. What I came up with was "Planning on Progressing." There is only one direction that I want to take this blog, and that is forward.
We are expected to progress. I don't care how slow. Our purpose right here and right now is to move forward. That is our direction. The path to perfection is straight and narrow. Each step towards Christ progress. Lucky for us, life isn't a game of flappy bird. When we fall off the narrow path, we don't die and start again from ground zero. We get up, brush ourselves off, and keep flapping. Too many times, I find myself taking a "more fun" path. I look back at the path moving forward, and I can't see the end. But you don't always have to see the finish line to know it's there. That's why I get back on the straight and narrow and keep moving.

Too many people think that faith is a crutch. That us Christians lean on faith to explain the unexplainable. We need faith because we are too weak without it. Faith isn't about finding an explanation. I don't make excuses for my beliefs so I can keep on believing. Faith is about progress.

"Faith is knowing the sun will rise." A sunrise is when the Earth spins around in the morning and the sun becomes visible from our side of the Earth. The Earth is round. That means I can't see the other side of the Earth no matter how good my vision is. So imagine I'm running a race. The course is straight and narrow, but the end is the opposite side of the world. I can't see the finish line even though it's straight ahead. Do I opt out of the race? "Oh, I can't see the finish line, so it's probably not even there." Good logic... Without faith, I won't start running. I won't move forward. I'll either sit around and go nowhere, or I'll try a different direction. My own direction. One that has no finish line where my father is waiting to congratulate me. I have faith that God's direction, my direction will take me where I want to go. Perfection.

I am far from perfection, and the road to perfection is straight and narrow. I can't see the perfect me because it's too far way. But I know it's there. So I'm going to continue moving forward. That's the direction God gave us. There isn't another way. There is one direction and that is forward towards perfection. No one is asking you to be perfect, but Christ has asked us to work on it. I'm planning on following His advice. I'm planning on progressing.

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